A Little More About Us

How Everything Started

This company was founded long before it existed. As a musician, I spent a lot of time comparing equipment, prices, and assembling my recording set-up piece by piece. We founded in 2013 with the intention to gain music instruments, equipment, software, accessories, etc. Our goal was to get supplies to our customers at the lowest possible cost, but with the highest quality. We also aimed to provide the highest level of customer service possible to ensure that musicians knew how to work the equipment once they got it into their hands. We started with the concept of great products at great prices with great customer service.

Who We Are Today

In today's digital environment, we have expanded our service and products to be more inclusive to every musician. We have expanded product lines substantially in the past few months. We are also aiming to expand our customer support through digital media. The company is now expanding to facebook, twitter, and youtube. We are hoping to utilize great tips and tricks for method, playing techniques, recording techniques, etc. Today, we are trying to incorporate another level of service by incorporating your ideas and feedback into our community of independent musicians.

What Happens Next?

First, our future depends on the customer. We cannot exist without those who purchase from us, so thank you! We have lofty aspirations for this company. We will continue to move product and support online, but we intend to open a ground store located out of Las Cruces, NM in the next 5 - 10 years. In this same vein, we are wanting to open jam spaces for band usage as well as an outfitted recording studio that would give independent musicians the ability to get into the studio and record their music the way that they intend to. We hope to expand quite a bit in the coming months and years and are proud to be able to find new ways to support you. As always, we would love to hear your requests or feedback!

The Face Behind Home Studio Solutions

I have been playing guitar for 16 years now. I started seriously writing music a few years ago. (Check out my band TaKen here). Taking my art very seriously, I chose to attempt self-production. I enjoy the entire process. I hope to be able to help any singer, musician, or band figure this process out. Not only do I hope to provide you access to quality instruments, mixers, software, or studio accessories at the lowest price possible, I hope to provide a community of support to navigate the technical aspects of music creation. Contact me if you need anything!